About Us

At Quick Box we can produce a box in seconds.

Our state of the art machinery is designed to produce almost any style box using corrugated material ranging from thin e-flute to heavy double wall , in almost any size and quantity, and have it made quickly right on the spot.

And by any quantity we mean even one box!

Why commit to larger quantities that tie up cash flow and space when you can order small quantities and get immediate delivery.

While our machine is the first of its kind in North America, the company that produced the machine has been around for over 30 years.

Kinetic energy generated when the machine is slotting and creasing board is captured and re-used to enable the machine to use up to 95 per cent less energy compared to other models, making this machine one of the most energy efficient machines in the industry.

The advanced computerized control system enables jobs to be stored and recalled quickly, an ideal feature for repeat customers.

Our boxmaker can produce over 100 styles of boxes and has the ability to provide handles and partitions in the box without the customer having to invest in expensive steel rule dies.

Quick Box is a division of Packaging World Inc. so we can supply all your packaging needs including tape, air cushioning wrap, stretch wrap, bags, tags, labels, foam etc. all from one location and QUICKLY